I Absolutely Love Tennis!


My Passion and Purpose

The picture to the left was snapped on July 3, 1981 when I was 3 years old and it 100% captures the unbridled love I have for the game of tennis. I have always loved this sport (well, except for the time I threw my aluminum Donnay racket in the kitchen trash can for 2 hours when I was 6 because I couldn’t figure out how to hit a slice backhand – don’t worry, I made sure the handle was sticking out for all to see, and once I was certain my parent’s believed my bluff I quickly rescued the racket and proceeded to the backyard to continue to figure out how to hit slices over a rope net strung between two lawn chairs) and it is my passion now to teach it to others.

Everyone at Racket Land loves the game and we derive a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in sharing our knowledge with our students. There is nothing better than seeing the “light bulb” moments in students eyes when they make a new connection between our 7 Rules of Tennis (5 Minute Tips, Mental Money, etc) and real life, on-court scenarios. Gives us goosebumps every time!

If you are passionate about tennis and would like to join along as we continue to explore, learn and teach the game, you can check out our membership options by clicking the button below.

The 7 Rules of Tennis

Guaranteed to improve your game

The entire Racket Land program is built upon these timeless principles. Players of all ages and skill levels will benefit from learning (or refining) these rules. They cover all facets of the game and can be applied at any level, from the casual weekend warrior to the high level competitor.

Comprehensive Video Instruction

Strokes, footwork, fitness and preparation

We are passionate about clearly articulating everything from broad concepts to the most minor of details. Our experience of being lifelong students of the game gives us a unique ability to offer insight that leads to improvement for all levels of play.

5 Minute Fixes

Short, concise, easy to understand

5 Minute Fixes are quick, concise videos that help to fix common mistakes we have run across over our decades coaching and competing at the highest levels. These fixes cover forehands, backhands, serve, volleys, footwork, returns, overheads and more.

Strategy & Mental Toughness

Control your mind, influence the outcome

The ability to master your mind and adhere to or modify a strategy in the heat and stress of a match is a skill too many players at all levels neglect to develop. Our mental toughness and strategy sessions offer several useful frameworks and mental viewpoints to help you excel in the most pressure-packed situations.

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